For:     2021 Department of Georgia
Boys State Delegates

From:    Phil Youngblood

Congratulations on your selection for the Department of Georgia Boys State Program. You have been invited to be “a voice and not an echo”. Approximately 400 other students from throughout Georgia will join you at Gordon State College, Barnesville, Georgia. The program will be held June 13-19 2021. The American Legion Department of Georgia sponsors Georgia Boys State and we welcome you as a Citizen. This memo will give you important information that you will need before your arrival. Please read each item thoroughly! NOTE: Some of the documents referred to in this memo will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available at Some forms may be filled out on-line and saved to your hard drive. To this, you will need version 5.0 or later of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Department of Georgia Boys State is a mythical 51st state. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice the operations of City, county and state government. Sixteen cities, four counties and two political parties make up the political structure. During the week you will vote for, and elect officials, at all levels of government. You will also assist in making laws and enforcing them. One of which is the one time imposed State Tax on each citizen of $5.00 – due at registration. As with most taxes, this money is used to purchase materials needed by the State for the citizens of the State (copy paper, campaign materials, etc…). The Department of Georgia Boys State Citizens Manual is located on our web site at You need to be familiar with the Manual.

The American Legion was founded with a strong belief in God and Country. At Department of Georgia Boys State, we salute the Flag of our Nation, say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and have an evening devotional. Citizens are in charge of these activities, and the words LORD and JESUS and other religious references may be used. If you are opposed to these, you may want to decline the invitation to attend Department of Georgia Boys State.

Arrival time will be 12:00 Noon to 2:00pm on Sunday, June 13, 2021, The American Legion Post sponsoring you should handle your transportation arrangements. The first meeting will be shortly after your arrival. The first meal is at 6 PM, be sure that you have lunch before arrival. Graduation date will be June 19, 2021. Please feel free to invite family and friends to graduation. All delegates/citizens must arrive on time and stay until after graduation – NO EXCEPTIONS (UNLESS APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY ME).

  • PHOTO:  every      citizen is required to have a current photo attached to his application.

  •  SAMSUNG SCHOLARSHIP: The SAMSUNG Corporation offers an opportunity for a 10 Thousand Scholarship for Boys State participants. 

    • Go to  then if you have an account just “log in”, if you do not, click on “Register” and create an account with your own password.

    • Application cannot be submitted until all materials are uploaded, required fields are completed and school information is submitted.

    • Applications must be submitted on line NLT the start date of the Georgia Boys State Program:  NO EXCEPTIONS!

    •   Upon submission, student may not change any information

  • ATHLETICS:  for      approximately 2 hours each day, we participate in athletics, normally      softball, touch football, volleyball and basketball. Cities, counties and      political parties compete against each other for bragging rights. Don’t      overload yourself with sports equipment. You may want to bring your      personal ball glove, sports shoes and a school jersey. Bring a ball cap.      Ball caps are permitted during the athletic period(s) only – not permitted      for wear any other time. You must have “gym/athletic shorts” for athletic      periods. 

Our Staff is made up of approximately 50 outstanding men and women from throughout the State of Georgia. Most are members of The American Legion Family (The American Legion, The Sons of The American Legion, The American Legion Riders and The American Legion Auxiliary). We are also honored to have support from the Georgia Department of Public Safety (Georgia State Patrol), as well as former Boys State and Boys Nation Citizens. These people are all dedicated to helping the youth of Georgia. You will enjoy working with them.



*Provide a name   and phone number for an additional emergency contact –


in the event   your parents/guardian cannot be reached.

Checklist of items you may/will need:



 $5.00 STATE     TAX















*Unless you are   an Alternate Delegate/Citizen, these documents should have been turned in,   prior to you receiving this memo.



(only an   emergency or an issue preapproved by me will be accepted as justification for   early departure)


Again, congratulations on this high honor. The American Legion Department of Georgia
sponsors Georgia Boys State and we welcome you as a citizen. We look forward to having
you join us for this busy, but rewarding week.

“…a week that lasts a lifetime…”